Monday, October 17, 2016

After Church Vibes

Hey!!! Just a quick post to show what I wore to church. The service was awesome as usual.

Ever feel like you aren't doing enough at church? That's how I feel as of late and I've made a list
of all the things I want to start doing in the house of the Lord and in the community. Can't wait to get
started :) For sure, I'll put up pictures of all the things I get up to on the blog.

Thanks so much again for stopping by the blog. Really appreciate you.


Monday, October 10, 2016

African Prints

Nothing is better than wearing something from my continent!!!! I love African prints so much so you will be seeing a lot of them on the blog. Enjoy the look and thanks for stopping by:


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Monday, October 3, 2016

biker chic


Today was awesome. Yes I know its Monday. But I'm trying a new thing this month. I'm going out of my way to find things to be grateful for each and every single day of the month of October. Join me? Feel free to share how being more grateful each day has transformed your life.

My favorite Legit jacket worn two different ways.
So in love.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

beautifully blue

Hey you

First, thanks for stopping by. Appreciate all my readers so much. So I wasnt in the best mood today. Thus I had to wear my favorite color. I don't know why but blue always lifts my spirit. Enjoy the pictures.


Friday, September 30, 2016

Feeling Patriotic

Just wanted to say Happy Birthday Botswana.

So proud to be a Motswana. My country is the best place to live in the world.

Thank you Lord for 50 years of peace and prosperity.

Friday, September 2, 2016

new month

So its a new month!!! September. My baby Brother's birthday month. My country's Birthday Month and Botswana turns 50!!!! So excited for how far my beautiful country has come.

So because its a new month. Felt like I should reflect on my life. I usually do this sort of thing going into a new year, but I figured why wait for December 31st. It feels like its far away and I need a change right away. I'm going to make it a monthly thing from now onward to press my reset button and start afresh where I need to and celebrate all the good that happened during each month.

So far the year has been filled with a good amount of trial and tribulation. I have been hurt more than I care for. Lost the love of my life so my hopes and dreams of being married and living happily ever after with my bae next to me came crashing down. Needless to say my heart ached all over and I set a wall around my heart. Its so hard to pick up pieces of your broken heart. When I love, i love hard!! I love like my life depends on it so when he left me I pretty much felt like I'll never find love again and quickly built this wall to protect myself.

Then my best friend turned out to be a frenemy- you know, someone you thought was a friend but was your enemy the whole time. Still cant believe that it is what it is but I'm a believer in everything happening for a reason.


It's not all bad news though. I have my Lord and Savior Jesus. I have my son Israel who brings me more joy than I can ever ask for. I have faith that everything I am going through is shaping me to a better version of myself. In time the wall around my heart will fall like the walls of Jericho when the right man comes along. I still see beauty in this world. And in this season, I am learning to enjoy my own company.

I hope all of you reading this will find the empowerment that reflecting can bring.
Much love

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Monday, May 16, 2016

what i know now

Dear Me,
I get that you are a lover. And when you love, you love hard. You give your all to the person you commit yourself to and yet sadly love evades you. You do everything to keep him interested and put his happiness before yours all the time and yet his love always fades away.
I know you have seen how love always comes around with flames of fire, red hot and then before long, it loses its intensity and becomes a small flickering light that you feel is enough to illuminate your heart. That is because you are not and never ever will be ready to be the one to say it is over.
You will blow and blow to keep that fire going although the smoke in your eyes and smoke in your lungs tells you to stop. You’re not a quitter you say. Where there is a will there is a way and you will fight for what you have because you have enough love for the both of you.
You always keep a door open in the hope that somehow he will miraculously come around. But has he? I’m not trying to be mean but girl stop.  I know it’s hard. I know you have cried yourself to sleep and have been broken to pieces.
Letting go isn’t failure my love. Allow yourself to heal. Start to see yourself as God sees you. As so adored, fearfully and wonderfully made. So worthy and so beautiful. Be content in knowing you are enough. Be free in knowing being single isn’t to your death but to your life because God is at work.
He is all the Love you will ever need. And when He is ready, He’ll introduce you to the one you should have waited for all along. This is not a goodbye to love or surrendering to defeat. This is a new chapter in your life with the True Love of your life who can only bring His best for you. And you know that you can trust in Him always. Let Him lead your #one to you.....